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Author:  Jose Saramago
Genre:  Fiction, Standalone
Published:  1995
Personal Rating:  4/5
Yearly Count:  2

Outside America, in an unknown city, people are going about their daily routines and then, one by one, they lose their eyesight.  The government quickly gets involved and life for the blind people go from bad to worse.  The story is one of great disaster.

A few spots were of a slower nature, but for the most part this book kept my attention.  I didn't truly relate with anybody in particular, but I was able to stand back and watch this random group of people with a sense of sympathy.  They all had their own distinct personalities that made for a great variety of main characters.

The plot of Blindness was extremely interesting, and it offered much to contemplate.  It did contain graphic scenes that are not for the faint of heart, along with a clear view of good and evil.  I found it to be a worthy read and look forward to more by Saramago.


  1. This really sounds good Joy. Glad you liked it.

  2. Joy, I've awarded you the Butterfly Award! Check out my post.

  3. Bonnie beat me to it! Well, you have ANOTHER Butterfly Award. : )

  4. Thanks for reviewing this one. I noticed Death with Interruptions by the same author at the bookstore when I was holiday shopping. It sounded really interesting.

  5. this has been on my list for ages. glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  6. I think there might be a movie version of this coming out soon. If not--there is a very similar movie!

  7. I still have to read Blindness (which many consider Saramago's best work), but if you are looking for something else by the same author, I definitely suggest The Stone Raft -- his best among those that I've read.
    PS. Just saw your new header, it's gorgeous!

  8. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Is there a movie based on this book? I believe Julianne Moore was in it. I've not seen it and I didn't know there was a book, now I've got another book to put on a future list lol.

  9. I've almost bought this one a couple times in the I really wish I had. Sounds like one I'd enjoy a lot! Thanks, Joy!

  10. This does look good. Adding to the list....

  11. Dar ~ Me, too! :)

    Bonnie ~ AHHH! I need to get to that! Thank you, Bonnie.

    Mary ~ Thank you, too, Mary!

    Holly ~ I definitely will read another by him. I'll have to see what that one is about.

    Nicola ~ It was on mine, too. :) I saw it as a BOCD, so snatched it up (even though I have the book). I knew I'd listen to it before I read it. Actually, I read that reading it is a little difficult because of his writing style (not much punctuation or something like that).

    Laura ~ OH! I'd like to see it. I'll keep watch for it. Thanks.

    Scribacchina ~ I didn't know that (his best work)! I will look up The Stone Raft for sure. Thank you.

    Kristina ~ Laura (from above) thinks so. :) I'm going to look into that some more. I'm very curious. Hopefully, I can rent it.

    Debi ~ Well, the next time you see it - grab it. :)

    Vickie ~ If you get to it, I hope you like it.

  12. I've had this book for ages and I'm determined to finally read it this year. Besides I'm curious about the movie but want to read it first. Glad to hear you enjoyed it.

  13. Tanabata ~ I'm interested in watching the movie, also.

    Nicola ~ FYI (in regard to my comment to you above) - I have the book (but chose to listen to it), so I pulled it out and looked at it. The writing had punctuation, paragraphs and chapters (no titles), so I'm not sure what the actual complaint was about regarding it being difficult to read. ???

  14. I read this book ages and ages ago and thought it was quite remarkable. I'd have to look back through my old reading journals, but I'd be willing to bet I gave it a very high rating. I can still picture, in my mind's eye, several scenes from the narrative. I'd like to see the movie, but am a bit hesitant. Maybe it's been long enough since I read the book that I won't be upset if the movie isn't quite as good.

    Back to blog-hopping. I feel like I've been away forever!

  15. Les ~ Did you find your rating? My husband is listening to it now, so it's been fun to discuss it. I look forward to another Saramago novel for sure.

  16. I meant to get to this last year but didn't somehow. Glad you liked it.

  17. Sandra ~ I think Blindness was very good and it still is lingering in my mind. I will be seeking out another Saramago book - hopefully this year.


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