Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Author:  Robert Crais
Genre:  PI Mystery, Series #4
Published:  1993
Personal Rating:  4/5
Yearly Count:  26

An engaged, young woman enters the office of Elvis Cole, PI asking if he would find out what is causing her fiance to act out-of-character over the last couple of months.  The fiance is a good looking policeman, so Elvis thinks this may be an easy case (another woman) - until he digs a little deeper and discovers there is some illegal activity going on.

This book is much more like what I know of Crais's later books in this series.  Elvis radiates with personality, which deepens his character and makes for an enjoyable read.  Sometimes his quips were repeated, but they were fun and made me smile.  The mystery, in and of itself, was pretty good as well.  Only two more to go to fill in the missing books of this series and I'm anticipating some good reads!   


  1. Anonymous7:24 PM

    My mystery group read his stand alone book, THE TWO MINUTE RULE, and discussed it last night. I enjoyed it very much. Crais wrote in an interview that it started out as an Elvis book, but turned out to be on it's own. Anyway, it convinced me to try this series. I've got #1 on order. Glad to hear you enjoyed #4.

  2. I'm glad to see other Crais fans! I do so love his books.

  3. Kay ~ I read The Two Minute Rule in 2006 and rated it a 3.25/5, so apparently I thought it was a little better than just okay. Interesting to know that it started as an Elvis book.

    I think my first book by Crais was Hostage (when it first came out) and that was a standalone, so from there I just started randomly picking up others by him. Some were standalones and some were not (didn't realize it at the time). So I finally decided to fill in the gaps. I have two more to go, but I'm thinking I read one of them already. We'll see.

    Terri B. ~ I'm looking forward to reading his latest in this series (wouldn't let myself until I got caught up) and then the Joe Pike book. Did you read The Watchman? What did you think?


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