Sunday, April 26, 2009


Author: William R. Potter
Genre: Short Story/Novella, Collection
Published: Lighting the Dark Side, 2008
Personal Rating: 4.25/5
(ss) Yearly Count: 13

Living with his disability can be very challenging, but Dwayne has learned to cope - for the most part. However, a wrench is thrown into his life when he finally meets a woman that has caught his eye.

Dwayne becomes very likable, despite his impulsive tendencies that make him appear and act odd. But, those are the characteristics that made Dwayne so interesting to watch. Before too long, I was feeling his personal angst and anger towards the way others treated him. There was also a suspense element to the story, which always pleases me.


  1. I'd like to read more short stories this year. This one, and the entire collection, sounds intriguing.

  2. I don't read a lot of short stories, but this one sounds worth a look.

  3. Ms. Bookish ~ This was my favorite of all 6. They all were so different.

    Beth F ~ I only started reading short stories last year and have discovered that I love them! I decided earlier this year to read one story (or more if I choose) in between books. I'm beginning a new collection soon and am excited about it.


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