Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Author:  Lisa Lutz & David Hayward
Genre:  Mystery, Standalone
Published:  2011
Personal Rating:  3/5 (just okay)
Format:  Audiobook
Yearly Count:  1

An adult brother and sister discover a body in their backyard.  They can't call the police because they are running an illicit business, so they take care of matters themselves.  The problem does not go away. They become sleuths to find the killer and the reason as to why they have been involved.  That's virtually the plot, but the authors allow us to view their conversations with one another (notes at the end of each chapter) and they really "make" the story.

I am one of the few that wasn't wowed by the first book in Lisa Lutz's Spellman Series, so I didn't jump at this book when it came out, but . . . was curious nonetheless.  I took the opportunity to listen to it when I saw it sitting before me at the library.

As with The Spellman Files, I was not impressed.  The plot wasn't anything that I was excited about, and I certainly didn't relate to any of the characters. The banter (notes) between Lisa and David was the best part by far.  Overall, it wasn't horrible or anything, but it just wasn't my preference for enjoyable reading. 

Not a great start to a new year, but there are many more books ahead.  Can't wait to add books to my Best Reads of 2012! 


  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    I haven't read this one yet, but some of my mystery group have read it and liked it. Have you seen the video the authors did together or maybe they did more than one? Anyway, I think you can find it on Amazon. They were really funny together.

    BTW, did you know that Linda Castillo has a new Amish mystery coming out later in the spring or early summer? I'm excited about that one. It's called GONE MISSING. Yahoo!!

  2. I thought this book was pretty good. I enjoyed the banter between chapters as much as I enjoyed the book.

  3. Clearly not a great start to 2012. You know a while back I was offered her first book but the whole premise didn't do anything for me. Guess I was right to pass on it.

  4. I thought I was the only one - I couldn't finish this one (see review here: I only read the first Spellman book and thought it was just okay. Didn't bother reading the rest of the series. Not my type of mystery. Hey, at least you finished this book, my first book in 2012 was another DNF! :)

  5. Kay ~ Yes! I loved the video. That's what made me decide that I'd give it a shot if it crossed my path.

    Yay for the Castillo book! I didn't know when or the title, but knew another would be coming out. I'm looking forward to it!

    Bermudaonion ~ I couldn't wait for the end of the chapters just to hear what the banter was going to be!

    Staci ~ I didn't care for either of the two I read. Not that it was bad writing; I just didn't LIKE anything. LOL

    Christa ~ The banter kept me intrigued. I agree, she doesn't write my kind of mystery either. And, yes, I did finish it and thought it was okay. Bummer about your DNF, but at least you didn't waste your time on something you weren't enjoying! :)


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