Sunday, December 03, 2017


Author:  Claire Cameron
Genre:  Fiction, Standalone
Published:  2014
Personal Rating:  1/5 (don't bother)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/
Cassandra Morris
Yearly Count:  44

Five-year-old Anna takes charge of her 3-year-old brother after a black bear attack of their parents.

UGH.  This was absolutely horrible.  I only continued to listen, because I was in the middle of multi-tasking and just left it running.  Otherwise, this would be a DNF along with a toss across the room.  UGH.  Unless you like unrealistic, continual bathroom talk and 5-year-old ridiculous narration . . . don't bother.

Thoughts of Joy


  1. I didn't love this book either. I never got used to the narrator's voice.

  2. Hahaha! I loved this book! I listened to the audio and thought it was amazing. Funny how we had completely opposite reactions to the narration. I gave it a 4.5/5 on my review.

    1. Les ~ Completely opposite for sure! It is very peculiar because we are usually very close in our ratings. Hmmmmm Maybe it's due to my work with children. It just didn't work for me. Glad you enjoyed it, though. Don't know how, but ... LOL Teasing you. :)


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