Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Non-Fiction Five Challenge Choices


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(Five Books/May - September)
Finished on 6-11-07
Finished on 6-2-07

*3. The Only Road North (Mirandette)
Finished on 5-28-07
Finished on 5-9-07
Finished on 7-27-07

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  1. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is an *amazing* book. I look forward to seeing what you think.

  2. I'd be smart to write down the books I'm thinking about reading for your challenge. I know I've got two in mind so far, but right now they're in lock up and I can't remember them.

  3. Nyssaneala ~ Glad to hear another raving review. I'm looking forward to it. Thank you for commenting.

    Booklogged ~ As soon as you find the key, please post them. :) This is a great time (3 months) to get ideas from each other!

  4. A friend of mine just told me about If the Spirit Catches You...she said it is an amazing and wonderful book. I've read Winterdance and it is one of my all time favorite absolute must read if you love dogs - funny and absorping.

  5. I read The Sprit Catches You . . . and thought it was quite good. You asked about The Children's Blizzard - yes - I read that one early last year - it was my C title for that A to Z list. I remember thinking that it didn't quite live up to what it could have been. I haven't read that one about Teddy Roosevelt. I did read and love The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris - it's about his life before he was President. The follow up, Theodore Rex is already on my list for the Chunkster Challenge, so I think that's going to be one of my overlap books so I can count if for NFF too.

  6. What is the children's blizzard about?

  7. Wendy ~ I MAY read WINTERDANCE before the challenge. I'd like to read it during the winter. :)

    Suzi ~ Now, I vaguely remember you mentioning the Teddy book. I didn't check the pages on this one, but I KNOW that I won't read a chunkster. I'm having a difficult time with one that I really WANT to read!

    Sally ~ This is what Amazon says about THE CHILDREN'S BLIZZARD: That 1888 January day on the northern plains was bright and warm–the first mild weather in several weeks–leading many children to attend school without coats, boots, hats, or mittens. A number of students were caught in the sudden storm that hit later that day. It was rated 4.5 with 36 votes.

  8. Another RAVING review for The Spirit Catches You!!!

    I will have to seriously think about joining your challenge!!! It sounds like fun and I have lots of NF I have not read yet!

  9. Oh, I'll have to look up the Iditarod book and The Spirit Catches You, since everyone's raving about that one.

    That's a good idea, writing up a list of possibilities. I tend to divert from my chosen titles but still stay within the rules on challenges so that way I won't have to feel like I've blown it!

    The Nazi Officer's Wife was excellent. Did you see my review on that one? I can't remember if you commented.

  10. This is a great list, I've only read one, Blink. Enjoy, and thanks for doing the challenge... ;)

  11. I read The Nazi Officer's Wife recently (for TBR) - it was a stunning book, and I reviewed it on my reading blog:

    It made me think differently about people whose choices seem morally wrong - there are some circumstances where you simply choose to survive.

  12. Wow! And a month early! I really liked this concept of reading non-fiction. Vasilly is hosting a "In Their Shoes" challenge for next year which will let me continue reading some non-fiction. It's a genre I often ignore, but I'm very glad for my monthly quota of NF. Thanks Joy!

  13. Trish ~ I'm so glad you have enjoyed the Non-Fiction Five Challenge! I like non-fiction more than I thought. And, it's great that you will continue with this genre during the coming year. :)


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