Thursday, January 17, 2008


Dorothy Gilman
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Published: 1966
Personal Rating: 3.75/5
Yearly Count: 9

Mrs. Pollifax is a widowed grandmother whose meandering life leads her to become a CIA agent. Abruptly her life becomes one with definite direction . . . saving her life! Throughout her assignment, I got to know Mrs. Pollifax and discovered that she's very insightful and clever, as she says - due to her life experiences. She's resourceful and cunning as well, but with the warmth of a grandmother always in reserve.

In general, the plot was just okay, but Mrs. Pollifax grew on me. I'm glad I finally took the time to meet her; it turned out to be a pleasant experience. I think I would like to hear more about her and her escapades in the future. There are thirteen more in the series, so I will have plenty of chances.


  1. She does kind of grow on you. The plots are a bit dated and thin, but she's just so darn adorable and kind. I listened to the entire series for driving around town listening. Did Barbara Rosenblat read the version you listened to?? I love her as a reader.

  2. ps: I'm REALLY appreciating the post titles ;-)

  3. Suzi ~ Yep, the narrator was Barbara Rosenblat. I enjoyed her in this one, but there have been other books when I didn't care for her at all.

    LOL and I'm appreciating your links! :)

  4. Anonymous3:27 PM

    I loved the Mrs Pollifax books. Mind you, I ran across her while I was still in High School so I was probably a lot more accepting than I would be if I first read her now. But she's such a hoot.

  5. Oh my gosh, I haven't heard of Mrs. Pollifax in a bazillion years! I used to read them in my mom's Reader's Digest condensed books back when I was a kid.

  6. Carrie K ~ You probably would have a different experience now, but in fairness - it was pretty good. She's a gentle woman. I have to see how the second goes before I decide if I will continue after that.

    Debi ~ 1966!!! I'm a little behind the times. Just a little though. LOL

  7. Anonymous8:17 AM

    I have read Mrs. Pollifax for many years and have also listened to them. My favorites are MRS. POLLIFAX ON SAFARI and MRS. POLLIFAX ON THE CHINA STATION. They can be a little dated now but who can resist this precious and daring little woman (and her hats!!).

  8. Kay ~ Another series I hope to get to again. :) It's great to learn that you have enjoyed this series.


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