Friday, February 29, 2008


Melissa Walker
Genre: YA Realistic Fiction
Published: 2007
Personal Rating: 4.25/5
Yearly Count: 27

Violet Greenfield is a high school senior who is "discovered" while working at her part-time job at the Palace Theater. After her discovery, Violet's tranformation goes from a simple and insecure Carolina girl to a complex and strong New Yorker; however, that change comes with a price. Violet discovers and experiences the cost for herself.

What a good book! I am thoroughly impressed by the realistic nature of this novel. It, by no means, is a "teeny-bopper wanna-be a model" story. It reads as an honest-to-goodness real-life story of a 17 year old young lady that gets a fabulous opportunity. The teenage conversations were an absolute delight and I especially enjoyed Roger's humor, Violet's childhood friend.

If you have any interest in modeling or know someone that does, this is a MUST read. If you don't fall into either of those categories, but like YA fiction - this is for you.

Many, many thanks go to Melissa Walker for sending me this book! I really enjoyed Violet on the Runway and think of Violet as a friend (okay, okay . . . a daughter). I look forward to her further adventures in Violet by Design.


  1. My step-sister's birthday is coming up (she'll be sweet 16); I may pick this one up for her...sounds like a really fun read. I'd also like her to read The Book Thief, but she's still at that age where the last thing she wants to do is read for fun. She would probably say something like, OMG Trish--I don't have time! :)

  2. Sounds great, thanks for the review I"ll have to add it to my list.

  3. Trish ~ LOL I think it would be a great choice. It shares the good and the bad of modeling.

    Alix ~ If you like realistic fiction, I'm thinking you'll like it. :)

  4. i'm adding this one to my to-read list - and telling my 17yo daughter about it too. thanks for the review!


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