Saturday, July 19, 2008

2nds Challenge, 2008

Have you recently (or not so recently) read a book by a "new-to-you" author and can't wait to dive into another one of his/her books? If so, please join us in the second 2nds Challenge!

WHO: Anybody

WHAT: Read 4 books by authors that you have only read one other

WHERE: Mister Linky will keep track of monthly books read here on "Thoughts of Joy..."

WHEN: September, October, November and December, 2008

WHY: Because we love to read...why else?

Sign up below with a link to your post of your 2nds Challenge choices:


  1. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I want to sign up, but I am doing so many challenges this year I don't know if I can. Will see how I get on with my reading in August and then decide if that's ok.

  2. Rhinoa ~ Absolutely no problem. I fully understand! :)

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I'll be back a little later with my list. I have one for sure. :) Great idea for a challenge!

  4. Anonymous1:45 PM

    Here's My List:

    1. THE DARKEST KISS by Gena Showalter
    2. THE DEVIL'S FOOTPRINTS by Amanda Stevens
    3. PRIMAL DESIRES by Susan Sizemore
    4. PRIVATE DEMON by Lynn Viehl

    Thanks again for having this challenge!

  5. Thanks for hosting this challenge Joy. It sounds like fun!

  6. Ah I've been watching out for this one! I have read a lot of great first in the series books that I want to follow up with some seconds :)
    Let me look through my stacks first and I'll come back to sign up!

  7. I haven't signed up but for one other challenge so i think i can do this, here's my list.
    1-Dorothy on the Rocks by Barbara Suter
    2-A Rakes guide to Seduction by Caroline Linden
    3-Bobbie Faye's very Bad Day by Toni mcgee Causey
    4-Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani

  8. Yay - I've been pre-planning for this one. I've got a few '2nds' already slotted in for other challenges so have been putting them off a bit till after Sept. Will get my list finalized and posted soon.

    Thanks Joy - had a great time with this challenge last year and have been looking forward to 2nds Part Deux ;-)

  9. J. Kaye ~ The Amanda Stevens book is ringing a bell, but I can't remember what she wrote. Glad you are joining us. :)

    Dar ~ I think it's an easy one. It gives us a reason to pick up another book by an author that we liked.

    Iliana ~ Reading the second in a series is a great idea. I hope all of them turn out to be just as good as the first. :)

    Photoquest ~ We're happy to have you. I've seen the Bobbie Faye books around the blogosphere, but haven't read any. I've enjoyed many Trigiani books.

    Suzi ~ Hooray! I'm always happy to see you join in. :)

  10. Why do people have to make such good challenges? Gosh darnit. I'm such a challenge-a-holic. Even though I shouldn't be doing this...

    I'm joining.

  11. Hope ~ Glad you joined!!! :)

  12. Hmmmmmm, for some reason when I try to post the pic on my blog it comes up and says it can't-neither the bigger one or the smaller one. It also removed it from my post I had done when I joined. Any ideas on why? I wanted to get it listed on the sidebar in my blog but got stumped.

  13. Dar ~ Well crud! The only thing I can think of is that when I changed computers, something went wacky. Are you just trying the "copy and paste" method or saving the image to your computer? Maybe try the one you haven't tried yet and hopefully it'll take. Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. I saw other participants have the image on their posts, but I don't know for sure when they copied it.

    I just thought of this - maybe (just maybe) Blogger is having trouble right now. Give it a try on another day, if the above doesn't work.

    Keep me posted. :)

  14. Patience is a virtue I don't possess Joy-LOL. Blogger was having problems and it's all fixed now and the pic is where it's supposed to be. Sorry to bug you and thanks a bunch.

  15. Dar ~ I'm glad all is well in Peeking Between the Pages Land! And, it wasn't a bother.

  16. Anonymous2:21 AM

    Sound like a super cool challenge. Definitely will do it. :)

  17. My first challenge on my month old blog. Yay! This totally fit right in to my TBR list.

  18. Hi, Joy: Thanks for hosting this challenge again (I was hoping you would!). Looking forward to more great "seconds" reading.

    Take care,

  19. I think this sounds like a really cool idea!

    Hopefully I'll be able to find some second books.

  20. With so many great books out there I don't often read more than one book by each author, unless a book is exceptional. This is a great idea for a challenge!

  21. Whatvanessareads ~ Yay! I'm glad you like the idea. What books are you going to read for the challenge? I didn't see a post on your blog.

    Kristen M ~ Hooray for newbies! :) Glad you are joining us.

    Jill ~ Glad you're with us again! I'm looking forward to my seconds too.

    Simply Megan ~ Before you know it, you'll have a long, long list and it'll be difficult to choose. :)

    Bee ~ I was unable to leave a "Welcome to the 2nds Challenge" comment on your blog post. ??? Anyway, we are glad to have you and hope you enjoy your choices.

  22. Thanks so much Joy for doing this challenge which has been a challenge for me for years. Check out my blog for what I intend to read. ;-)

  23. Jan in Edmonds ~ Glad to see you!

    Tanabata ~ Woo Hoo!

  24. I'm in, I'm in...I have been wanting to get back to my new authors and this will be a great way to do it.

  25. Anonymous10:03 PM

    Count me in! Ditto on what Kara said! Judy

  26. Kara ~ Yay! :)

    I.B. ~ Ditto on what I said to Kara! LOL Welcome!

  27. I'm participating! Sorry I'm so late to sign up...

  28. Joy: I am not seeing where you want us to post our reviews. I am probably missing it.

    I finished my first book for this challenge, So Long At The Fair by Christina Schwartz (my review is at

    If there's a place to put this, please let me know.

    Jill =)

  29. Jill ~ The first post of this blog has the link to where Mister Linky is hiding. :) The 2nds Challenge is the last challenge button on the post. I'll go ahead and link your first book for you.

  30. I'm done with my first book (Mary Elizabeth Braddon's Aurora Floyd) and I don't think I will be waiting until October to read the next one.

    I'm glad for this challenge because it's helping me to prioritize my booklist!

  31. 3M ~ No apology necessary! It's good to see you. :)

    Kristen ~ I agree about the prioritization. You can read them all in September if you want! :)

  32. I'm joining up! It's scary just how many books I have that fit into this seconds category, so finding material should be no problem at all.

  33. hi am sorry i had a problem in my blog so i changed it.
    here's the post for the challenge in my new blog


  34. Laurie ~ That's how I felt! :)

    Word Freak ~ I changed your link on the sign up. :)

  35. Anonymous6:10 AM

    I thought I'd sing up for this challenge too, since there's so many 2nds on my To be read -list. :)

  36. Kuutar ~ Glad you did! :)

  37. Just wanted to let you all know that I've read two 2nds and the reviews are posted on my blog. The books are:

    Christ: A Crisis in the Life of God - Jack Miles
    Finding Providence - Avi


  38. Hey Jan! You can post links to your posts on Mister Linky for November. Go to the first post of this blog and find the 2nds Challenge button. It will take you to the right place. :)

  39. All done! This was a great challenge. I enjoyed revisiting these authors. Thanks Joy!

  40. Kristen M ~ I so glad that it was a success for you!

  41. Grrr - I'M so glad . . .

  42. Anonymous10:24 PM

    All done too:

    Thank you so much for hosting this!

  43. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Hey Joy, I have a question about the challenge. It's not my question, but from someone who is joining in 2009. What about short stories? Here's the question: Can I count a short story for this challenge if it is the second thing I've read by that author?

    I won't think shorts would count at all, but I don't know for sure.

  44. J. Kaye ~ My first thought is . . . you can do it however you want - Ms. Hostess!!! :) But, being that you asked, I'll add my two cents. I read my "WHAT:" portion of my rules and I stated "Read 4 books...", so with that I'd say NO. Short story collections would be fine for that rule. However, since thinking about it - my original point for the 2nds Challenge was to provide a reason or incentive to those that really wanted to get back to a new author. It wasn't necessarily about books and I never thought about short stories at the time. The focus really was to get a second dose of an author that we enjoyed. So, giving you both sides to the question - now you can decide. :) Let me know how it turns out.

  45. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Joy ~ That did help. The answer is yes, if it's a completed "book" and not just a segment of one. I don't think it'd be fair if it could be part of a book.

  46. I will be away at year end, and dont'have a blog, so I am posting now.

    Parker, Robert B.

    Hush Money
    Cold Service
    Shrink Rap
    Looking for Rachel Wallace
    Promised Lnad
    Thin Air
    Rough Weather

  47. Grilsgood ~ Congratulations! I hope the 2nds were as good as the 1sts.

  48. I need to get the rest of my reviews up. All of the books are read, and I enjoyed all of them. After I read every book I take notes on what I want to write in the review, then I use that to write the review on the computer. I'm travelling for the holidays, and of course I managed to leave that notebook at home. So, I think I might have a review or two that go up on Jan. 2. What's amusing about all of this is that I teach and I hear sketchy excuses all the time, and here's me, making them myself. :)

  49. Anonymous10:38 PM

    I finished this challenge!! I really enjoyed it! Here's my wrap up post:

  50. Laurie ~ LOL No problem, I understand. :)

    Talesofabookaddict ~ Great! I'll come by to see. :)


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