Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow! 2 Years Blogging!

Woo Hoo! Today I celebrate the 2nd year of "Thoughts of Joy...". The vision I had for this blog and the path that it has taken has been nothing but exciting. I have gone from just posting my thoughts about the books I have read to commenting on other blogs to joining challenges to hosting my own challenges, to the present. The entire ride has been so much fun. Thanks to all of you in the blogosphere for creating such a warm and welcoming place to visit. However, the near future will bring some change.

~ host one more challenge this year - the second 2nds Challenge
(Mister Linky will be up soon with the details.)

~ not host any challenges in the year 2009
(I'm not sure how to handle this, but whoever wants to host any of the challenges I have hosted - they are available. They include the following: 1st in a Series, Young Adult, Reading Full Circle, Anything Agatha, A ~ Z Reading, Non-Fiction Five, and 2nds Challenge. Of course, if you choose to host any challenge, you can do whatever you want with it - change the rules, the timeframe, the button, etc. It'll be yours, do as you please!)

~ not participate in any challenges in the year 2009
(I really want to focus on reading from past challenge lists, my TBR list, my list of series, and whatever catches my eye.)

~ continue posting my thoughts on the books I read
(This was the only purpose for my blog. I just wanted to keep a record of what I read with a little blurb about the book as a memory jogger. I NEVER intended or plan to write "reviews" or lengthy commentaries regarding any book I read. I am not doing this for a writing contest. I'm simply writing my first thoughts after closing a book - errors in grammar included; however, I fix them if I notice them at a later date.)

~ continue to respond to all comments
(I have enjoyed reading and appreciate the comments of visitors. It has been fun getting to know many of you fellow bloggers and look forward to another year of book talk.)

I think that covers most of what I've been thinkin'. Many changes, but many of which will bring me peace. Thanks go to all of you that have contributed to my 2 great years of blogging! Now, stay tuned for The Great Giveaway. It'll be revealed in a couple of days. Meanwhile . . .

Happy Reading!


  1. Congratulations on the anniversary! I totally understand your decision regarding challenges in 2009. They really do start to take over when you're not looking. ;-)


  2. Happy Anniversary, Joy! I think change is good. I can only imagine how long your TBR list is. I know mine is very long (at least a couple of years, lol). Thanks for being one of my blogger inspirations.

  3. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Happy 2 years Joy! How time flies!

    I can definitely understand your wanting to cut back on challenges for next year. You have been the Challenge Queen!

  4. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Happy Blogaversary!

  5. Congrats on 2 years! Who knew what kind of adventure we were getting into, huh?

    I'm with you on cutting back on challenges next year. I'm not cutting them out completely, though - My plan for challenges is just a very select few. For the TBR challenge my list will consist entirely of 'the next book' in a bunch of series I've started.

    Looking forward to sharing another year of books with you.

  6. Congrats Joy!

    I don't know if I will do challenges or not next year. Life has taken many twist and turns so that I am not reading as much as I had hoped and am feeling overwhelmed so we'll see.

    I look forward to seeing how things pan out for you on your blog.

  7. Anonymous12:37 PM

    Congraulations to you, Joy! Two years! I so enjoy reading your blog and I think the changes that you announced are quite sensible. Good luck to you and I'll continue to stop by and see what you've been up to.

  8. Congratulations on two years!

    I've tried to only join challenges that dovetail with my personal goals for the year- so TBR Challenge of 12 when I was gonna read a specific 12 anyway? That's ok, but nothing that would make me create a new list. This is sad, cause I love to make lists, but I learned in 2007 that I do not follow them!

    Here's to another fun year!

  9. Oh no! (reaction to you not hosting challenges next year) But I sure understand. I may be interested in sponsoring a nonfiction challenge. But I'm still new to book blogging, so not sure how to begin...

  10. Joy,

    Congrats on 2 years of blogging!
    You have a great site here. I will be stopping by more now that I've joined the blogging world. You, Suzi, Lynne, Mary, Vickie and others from our original Booklovers groups inspired me to join ranks. Check out my blog, I've added your to my blog list. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to join a challenge though!!

  11. Two years, Joy! Congrats! I've loved getting to know you and (as cheesy as this sounds) you've been kind of a blogging "mentor" to me over the past year--I learned a lot from you when I first started blogging and you were always kind enough to patiently answer my questions (hopefully I wasn't too much of a pest!!).

    I wish the best for next year--I did have an outloud gasp when you said you weren't doing any challenges for next year!! (although you did say you were cutting back for this year). ;) I might be interested in the non-fiction five since it is one of my favorite challenges and would hate to see it go away.

  12. Happy Anniversary! I think yours was one of the first book blogs I started reading. I really enjoy it!

    Happy Reading!

  13. Hi Joy! Your blog's fantastic and I hope you continue blogging for as long as possible. Congratulations on your blog's 2nd anniversary! You read a lot of different books and I enjoy reading your reviews. They're not too lengthy, just nice! :)

  14. Congrats on 2 years Joy! Wow! I'm still new to blogging-I could never figure out how you kept up to all of this. I'll still be visiting often whenever you have a book review up. I love your blog-hope I can get as successful after awhile-lol!

  15. Congrats on two years of blogging!!! I've have a lot of fun visiting your blog and will remain a loyal follower (LOL).

    I, too, have been thinking of cutting back on my challenges and concentrating on my massive TBR list - I am a mood reader and sometimes feel that challenges have "locked" me into reading things I may not be in the mood to read. I hate doing that because then I think it affects my thoughts on the book.

    Again, Happy Anniversary.

  16. Happy Blog Birthday! You've done an incredible job these past two years. Your plans for the future are both thoughtful and sensible.

  17. Two! Congrats!

    And as much as I'll miss your challenges, I can definitely see why you're giving them up...frankly, with as much work as you've put into them all, I'm surprised you didn't burn out long ago. I help Annie with her one challenge...and man, it's a lot more work than I imagined! Anyway, is sounds like a great decision on your part, a decision that will undoubtedly leave you with more time for actual reading as opposed to "challenging".

  18. Congrats on 2 years blogging! I've seen several people post about their goals for their blog lately. I think people are surprised at how much time all this blogging and posting can take up without really knowing it, myself included. :-)

  19. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Two years? WOW! In 2009, you'll be getting out and I will be getting! I signed up for a few this year, but plan to do more in 2009. If no one wants the YA, I'd love to do that one next year. It's an area I have been really exploring this year!

  20. Congratulations, Joy, on your second anniversary. Doesn't time fly? I've been doing my blog for over three years now, and it's hard to believe.

    I can understand the need for a break from the challenges. I'm only in one of yours, but I'm not sure I'll even get all of the A-Z Challenge done. I just don't like to take away from my regular reading to look for something for a category. And, it's not easy hosting all of those. It's hard enough to do a contest on my blog once a week. I can't imagine trying to do what you've been doing!

    Keep reading! That's what's important.

  21. Happy Bloggiversary Joy! I've really enjoyed participating in your challenges - am looking forward to the Seconds challenge too. But, I totally understand what you mean about not taking on any more... I battle with whether to join challenges every day! They are all so tempting but then what about your personal reading goals right? Anyway, I will continue to look forward to your book notes :)

  22. Congrats on your two year anniversary!

    I'd be interested in taking on hosting the A-Z challenge if no one else wants to grab it up. I'd be making at least a few changes to the rules if I do.

  23. Congratulations on reaching two years, Joy! I will be coming upon my 2nd blog anniversary soon too. Anniversaries seem to be a good time to reassess where you've been, where you are, and where you want to come from here.

  24. Happy Anniversary Joy! Yours is one of the first book blogs I read, and you inspired me to start my own.

  25. Lezlie ~ I actually love challenges. I just have created so many lists that I'd like to focus on them instead of trying to plug them into challenges.

    Mary ~ Thank you. Yes, the lists are LONG! There has even been times when I haven't written some down. *GASP* I'm glad you joined us in the blogosphere. :)

    Lynne ~ Thanks! Queen-nah. They certainly have been a great part of my reading experience, though.

    Carrie ~ Thank you. :)

    Suzi ~ The adventure has been great. Your TBR Challenge plan sounds like a good one.

    Amy ~ I hope things settle out for you and that you are able to enjoy some more reading time.

    Kay ~ Thank you. I'm glad you continue to stop by. :)

    Lisa ~ I love making lists too - that's why I have so many! This year all my challenge reads came from some kind of list of "wanna reads". Next year, I want to start plucking away at them without the commitment of a challenge.

    Rebecca ~ Some of the challenges will be picked up - don't worry! :) I believe Trish (in a comment below) has also showed interest in the Non-Fiction Five Challenge. How interested are you?

    Marg ~ Thanks!

    Bonnie ~ That's great! I'll come by soon for a visit. :)

    Trish ~ It was my pleasure to help you out. I'm still going to be around next year to bug you (God willing) - just no challenges. :) Rebecca (comment above) is interested in the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, too. How interested are you? BTW - I'm lovin' the Classics Challenge this year. (Did I really just say that?!?) Thanks for hosting. :)

  26. Eileen ~ Thank you Eileen. I enjoy yours, too!

    Josette ~ Thank you! I definitely want to keep blogging, but more as a free-spirit type of blogger. :) Ya never know - I may want to jump back in at some point.

    Dar ~ The challenges are what have kept me going - I really do love them. I just keep seeing my lists and am eager to read some that are not on a challenge. (I do squeeze one in every now and again.) I'm so glad you come by - thank you.

    Kara ~ Thank you, loyal followerer! (I loved that, thank you.) Your comment about being "locked in" and mood reading was well said. Even though I have challenge books from my TBR list, I still may not feel like reading them at that time. And, I agree, if I'm not in the right mood for a particular book - it does affect my experience in a negative way.

    Bybee ~ Yeah, I like to be sensible. I just don't always succeed. :)

    Debi ~ For me, the challenges are more work than they need to be. I check to make sure every link is working properly (You have no idea how many I have to fix!) and other tidying up chores. I don't have to that, but I do. However, I like it. I really do. I'm not dropping out of the challenge-world because of burn-out per se. I just don't want to be trapped anymore. And, I have so many books I want to get to.

    Holly ~ I realize how much time I spend on the computer when I don't check mail for a day (even several hours). YIKES! And, yes, eliminating challenges will cut down on my computer time, so I can read. :) There's that sense of peace I want.

    J. Kaye ~ Woo Hoo! YA is yours! I'll post a comment somewhere at sometime about you doing it in 2009. I have a few challenges that continue into 2009, but I hope to finish them as soon as possible. Challenges are great fun. I know you'll enjoy them.

    Lesa ~ My reading time has suffered, but not in a real bad way. I wanted to do the challenges and have loved them. Like you say, I want some of my regular reading time back. I like to get excited about a book and pick it up and read it, instead of saying - can't read it now, I have other books I have to read first. (even though I want to read the books I have chosen for challenges)

    Iliana ~ Next year will be difficult watching all the challenges pass me by. However, I think I can do it. :) I look forward to reading what I want, when I want.

    Becky ~ The A ~ Z Challenge is yours! :) You may do as you wish with it. I'll post about you hosting it, too.

    Literary Feline ~ Thank you and congrats to you on your upcoming 2 years. :) It's been a great reflection time for me and I look forward to the future.

    Ruth ~ AWE! I'm so happy to hear that I contributed to your decision to start a blog and I hope you are deriving much enjoyment from it. :)

  27. Hi Joy, After 2 years, you have a new reader! Just found your blog and enjoyed browsing! Esp like your Rating System ... we rate everything in my family. And it works :) Looking forward to reading your reviews.

  28. Happy Blogaversary, Joy! I've reconnected to my love of reading after giving up challenges for 2008. Looking forward to adding to my TBR shelves from your *R&R shelves next year too!

    *Read & Reviewed

  29. Happy Blogiversary Joy! Like a few others who commented, your blog was one of the first book blogs I found to read. I have always enjoyed your reviews and learning of different challenges, either the ones you hosted or others that you joined. This is the first year I have joined challenges, and they sure did sneak up on me! And while I know the police won't come after me if I don't complete them,I would still like to be able to say that I did! I hope your back to your roots approach brings much reading pleasure to you in the coming year.
    (page after page)

  30. Joy - I'm mostly interested in making sure *someone* does some kind of nonfiction challenge. So I defer to Trish, if she's going to do it.

    I love nonfiction and I'm glad for the challenge, but like I said, I'm a fairly new book blogger and I expect there is a lot more to it than I realize...

  31. Joanne ~ It's a pleasure to have you visit. Even though, on occasion, it's difficult to rate a book - I love having a system. Sometimes a rating is based on a mood, but I suppose that's just naturally going to happen anyway.

    Carrie K ~ :) So many books, so little time!

    Kim ~ That's exactly what I meant - getting back to my roots. Who told you there weren't "Challenge Police"? *giggle-giggle*

    Rebecca ~ I love non-fiction, too. Okay, we'll see if Trish wants to take over. You can be the backup at this point. :)

    Trish ~ So . . . would you like to commit to being the 2009 Non-Fiction Five Challenge host?

  32. Congrats on your anniversary! I love to read what your thoughts are regarding books that you have read! I always find more to add to the TBR :)

  33. Samantha ~ Thank you! Glad I have assisted in making your TBR list longer. :)

  34. Congrats on 2 years of blogging! I love visiting you and your wonderful blog.

    I can totally relate to your decision not to host or participate in any challenges! I wish I had the will power, but so many of them are so tempting!

  35. Teddy Rose ~ Thank you! I love when you visit. :)

    I just realized the other day that it's not the "challenges" themselves that I want to give up, it's the stuff that goes along with them. (I really do LOVE challenges. They have encouraged me in so many ways.) What I don't like is linking my post on the host's site or copying my thoughts to paste on another blog or doing "wrap up posts" or whatever else I have to do when I finish a challenge book. That's just too much busy work. I'm pretty much set on going it alone next year, but who knows I may do lists for challenges, but not participate in the way that they are intended. Probably not, but maybe. :)

  36. I'm sending you a very belated Happy Blogiversary, Joy! I don't know where the time has gone, but I read this post a week or so ago and meant to comment but life got in the way and I didn't get a chance to get back to it. So here I am! Happy Anniversary!! And good for you to cut back on some of those challenges. This blogging thing takes away enough time from reading. I don't know how you've managed to get anything read with all you do.

    Speaking of reading... do you still want my copy of Three Cups of Tea? It's yours for the taking. Just send me your snail-mail address and I'll get it in the mail. You can email me at lscher at neb dot rr dot com.

  37. Les ~ Thank you, Les. I appreciate the belated congrats. :) I do love blogging my thoughts on the books I read, but yes, it does take away from my actual reading time. I'm getting in listening time while I work, but the handheld versions aren't getting their fair share.

    And, YES! I would love to have your copy of Three Cups of Tea. I'll e-mail you soon. Thank you, Les.


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