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Author:  Jefferson Bass
Genre:  Medical Mystery
Published:  2006
Personal Rating:  4/5
Yearly Count:  103

"Jefferson Bass" is a writing team consisting of Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass.  Jon Jefferson is a journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker and Dr. Bill Bass is the forensic anthropologist who founded the Body Farm (an experimental laboratory that studies the way human corpses decompose) in Tennessee.

Carved in Bone features Dr. Bill Brockton as the main character.  To help solve a case, Brockton is called in to view a corpse that was discovered in a cave.  As he begins his investigation of the remains, details arise and secrets unfold in Cooke County.

This was a very good debut for Jefferson Bass.  While I was enthralled with the forensic details (not for the squeamish), the mystery aspect didn't consist of the same quality.  I found the first half to be terrific and was eager for more, but it just didn't maintain its momentum.  However, all in all, I enjoyed it and look forward to seeing Dr. Brockton's character grow throughout the series.

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  1. This one's headed straight to the old wish list!

  2. Aww, you didn't enjoy it as much as I did, but still sounds like you liked it quite a bit. I'm looking forward to reading the next one too and hoping Dr. Bill's buddy (forget his name right now) continues to be a character.

  3. Debi ~ If you like forensics, you will enjoy this.

    Nicola ~ Yes, I really did like it. I just think there were some holes in the mystery. I had many why or how questions popping up in my mind and they were never answered. I think what happened was there was so much reality (which I LOVED) in the beginning that the mystery part didn't connect or make sense to me. In the long run, I think I took the book too seriously. Does that make sense? BTW - Dr. Brockton's buddy was Art. I liked him, too.

  4. Oh, forensics! Watching TV shows with this type of material works better for me because its over in an hour whereas a book tends to stick with me more (I'm a weenie scaredey cat!), but I do like forensics and this sounds good (at least the beginning!). Maybe I'll have to reconsider my scaredeyness.

  5. Trish ~ lol I have to say that there are some parts that would be too gruesome for a self-professed "scaredey cat". I haven't been squeamish about forensics because it focuses more on the science instead of the murder/death.

  6. One of the authors has an experimental lab that studies the way bodies decompose? Now that's writing what you know.

  7. Carrie K ~ LOL, yes it is. I'm glad it's not my job, but it's fascinating nonetheless.

  8. This sounds interesting. Being near the Body Farm itself, I'm always intrigued by it!

  9. SmallWorld ~ You live near it!?! I don't know if I would be freaked out or so curious I'd have to go see it. Now that I have that image in my mind (me actually viewing the Body Farm in person) - I think I'd rather read about it. :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. I just received this book by mooch. I think I will enjoy it if I ever get around to reading it.

  11. Framed ~ Thankfully I had a challenge to push me. :)


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