Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Great Eight Give-Away!

Here's the deal - I have 8 books to give away. If you are interested in a freebie, please leave a comment stating the book(s) you would like to win. I will post the random winners on August 12th. (only one book per winner)

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Please leave your e-mail address in the comments of this post and I will contact you. As soon as I receive it (and copy it down), I will be deleting your comment for security purposes.

I have decided to do "Give-Aways" for mainly two reasons:
1.  I enjoy giving stuff away and
2.  It's like taking a friend out for a cup of coffee.  It's not expensive and fun to do.

My apologies to those that entered the drawing that do not live in the USA.  While I would love to treat you to a "cup of coffee", the expense is too great for me to ship a book outside the US.  I will remember to add that stipulation the next time I have a Give-Away.  Again, I'm sorry.

This is a slightly worn paperback that I won from Lynne, so it has been read a couple of times, but is still in good shape.  Here are my thoughts on the book.


This is a hardcover book that looks almost new.  Somehow I acquired two of these, so this one is up for grabs.  I do not have a post about this book, but I read it in 2005 and rated it a 4.5/5.  (I'm a Grisham fan.)  


This came to me as a "free gift" in the mail.  It actually states that it's a free gift on the cover.  If you haven't received yours yet, you may have mine.  It's a brand spankin' new paperback.  I have no thoughts on this book.

WINNER:  no requests

I purchased this hardcover book from a library book sale.  It still crackles like a new book, but has a tiny tear on the dust jacket.  I have no thoughts on this book. 


This was also a library sale purchase.  It is a hardcover book with a slightly worn dust jacket and an inch tear at the bottom near the spine.  Otherwise, it still crackles, too.  I have no thoughts on this book.

(providing you live in the USA)

I won this book from Gentle Reader.  It is a paperback and looks almost brand new.  My not so pleasant thoughts are here, but don't let that stop you.


I received this from Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, the author.  It is a small paperback that looks brand new.  My thoughts are here.

WINNER:  no USA requests

This also came free through the mail.  It is a brand new paperback with "free gift" on the cover.  I have no thoughts on this book.

WINNER:  no requests


  1. Oh Oh Oh, I'm first!! :D My first pick would be The Beautiful Cigar Girl and my second The Gathering. Thanks Joy! When you say you don't have any thoughts (and no rank) does that mean you're not going to read these?

  2. Hi Joy,

    If you don't mind sending to Canada...
    I would really, really, really love to be entered for:
    The Beautiful Cigar Girl

    But I'd also be happy to win either:
    The Gathering

  3. If you don't mind shipping overseas, I'd love to be entered for The Gathering or The Beautiful Cigar Girl.

  4. Trish ~ That's correct - I do not plan to read those books.

  5. Joy - what a great giveaway!!

    I would love to have The Broker by John Grisham - I am a huge fan of his.

  6. I'd love to put my name in for Stillwater (the Tami Hoag book).


  7. I'd like to win the Grisham book. Thanks, Joy. Hope you've been to my blog to enter for When Twilight Burns by Colleen Gleason.

  8. I'd like to win "The Gathering."

    Thanks so much!

  9. If you don't mind shipping to Europe, I'd like to win "The Gathering".

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  10. Hi Joy,
    If this is open for international readers as well, I'd like to win "The Truth"! Thanks!

    bunnybx at gmail . com

  11. Hi Joy,
    I would love to win The Truth, if you're willing to send it to Belgium!

  12. I'm so glad you stopped by and left a comment because YOU WON! Send me an email with your snail address and get that book right off to you.

    booklogged (at) gmail (dot) com

    Congratulations, Joy! Hope you enjoy the series as much as I do.

  13. Hi! Oh, I'd like to win The Gathering if you let international readers enter. Thanks!


  14. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Hi Joy! I'd love The Broker or The Gathering. Thanks for the offer!

  15. Hi Joy - I'd love to be entered for The Gathering. Thanks!

  16. please enter me for atonement and/or the gathering. thanks

  17. Hi Joy :) I'd love to be entered for Atonement or The Gathering.

  18. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I'd love to win THE GATHERING because I had heard great things about it and had been wanting to read it for awhile!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  19. Anonymous7:10 PM

    My choice is Atonement. Cool giveaway by the way!

  20. I would love to win The Broker. I haven't read any Grisham in ages.

  21. What an awesome giveaway!! You rock Joy!!

    I'm actually pretty easy!! I'd love to win:
    The Broker (haven't read a good Grisham in a while)
    Beautiful Cigar Girl
    The Gathering!

  22. Oh, Happy Day! I needed a good boost to my spirit today. Thanks so much, Joy!

  23. Booklogged ~ Please send me your e-mail address.


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