Thursday, September 11, 2008


Author:  Sarah Dessen
Genre:  YA
Published:  2004
Personal Rating:  3.5/5
Yearly Count:  120

As 17-year-old Macy deals with the death of her father, she also has to handle a "brainy" boyfriend, two new jobs and new friends - let alone a workaholic mother.  The Truth about Forever is "real teens dealing with real life."

The writing style of Dessen is very pure.  There's not much fluff or extremes in her books.  Yes, life can and does have fluff and extremes, but her books evoke sincerity without them.  I appreciate that, especially in a YA book where angst can be at its highest.  

This was my second Dessen book and I was a little disappointed because it dragged a bit for me.  There were several times when I wanted it to pick up its snail's pace and move the story line along, which was just okay.  There were personal discoveries made by many of the characters, which for the most part seemed realistic and enjoyable; however, there was one character that seemed just too strategically placed.  I really don't know how an author avoids a reader feeling that way, but I did.  Ultimately, it was a good book, nothing stellar, but good.


  1. Hi Joy, I've heard a few good things about this author but haven't read anything of hers. This one sounds like a good premise for a story. I love the cover.

  2. Hmmm--didn't you read another YA book about a teenager dealing with the death of a parent? Or am I thinking of something else. Anyway--sorry this one didn't do it for you.

  3. Dar ~ I really like Dessen, but I wish I liked this one more. Her characters are very believable. Actually if I remember correctly, most of her book covers are quite appealing.

    Trish ~ Oh...probably! LOL I'd like to see her write an adult novel. She really seems to have a handle on writing real emotions without them seeming sappy or overdone. I'm thinking my current mood played a part in my lack of enjoyment. (tad antsy)

  4. i think this is my 17yo daughter's favorite of Dessen's books, but i still haven't read anything but Just Listen (which i loved).

  5. Alison ~ I enjoyed Just Listen more, but this was good, too. There definitely is something about Dessen that impresses me. I will read more. :)

  6. I haven't tried her yet, but I'm definitely intrigued.

  7. Debi ~ The two I've read have been good stories of teenagers without the typical overdone teenage angst as in some YA books.


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