Monday, September 08, 2008

Reading & Blogging for Darfur

COMPLETED:  September, 2008

Here's what Natasha has to say about this campaign:
I'd like to announce that during the entire month of September I will be reading and blogging in an effort to create awareness and raise funds for the people of Darfur.  There is a genocide going on right now in Darfur, Sudan.  Hundreds of thousands of people have died, many more are displaced.  I cannot sit idly by knowing that this blog has given me the opportunity to make a difference.  Why choose Darfur as my soapbox of the month?  After reading about Darfur and watching documentaries about Darfur, I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  Isn't that reason enough to stand up and do something about it?

I (me, Joy) have committed to:

* writing a post dedicated to the Reading for Darfur campaign (check) using the button to link back to Natasha's blog (check) and placing the button on my sidebar with the link (check)

* visiting and commenting on her blog consistently through September (in progress/check!)

* reading The Translator (Hari) (a book I can cross of my TBR list!/check!) and posting my thoughts here on "Thoughts of Joy..." (not a problem/check!), then leaving a comment on her blog to let her know that I did, so that she doesn't have to hunt me down (I don't want to be hunted down, so I'll make sure to leave a comment when my post is up!/check!)

SIMPLE!  There are other ways to participate as well, if you are interested, please click on the Blogging & Reading for Darfur button above for more information.


  1. Thanks Joy! Love the support! I liked The Translator, I hope you do to!

  2. The Translator was certainly and eye-opening experience. I had no idea about all of the genocide and I'm glad that Natasha is bringing it to everyone's attention.

  3. I'm hoping to read The Translator this month too. Looking forward to it.

  4. Maw Books ~ The book is on its way! I imagine I will enjoy it for all the positive feedback it has received.

    Trish ~ I don't know much about it either and am happy to enlighten myself for the sake of others.

    Tanabata ~ Me, too!


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