Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Author:  Graham McNamee
Genre:  YA
Published:  1999
Personal Rating:  2/5
Yearly Count:  132

Alice, a high school student, holds onto the hate that she feels towards her abusive father.  Circumstances make her address her hate straight on.

This book was chosen for the Canadian Challenge due to my enjoyment of Acceleration by the same author.  Unfortunately, the message that I think was trying to be conveyed was not clearly executed in the plot.  I did like the characters, but they were trapped in that plot and it wasn't working for me.  It may work for teens though!


  1. Sorry you didn't like it Joy. The title really threw me off-it sort of shouts out at you.

  2. Dar ~ I agree about the title - certainly not a pleasant one. Maybe the author needs to read Simple Little Words. lol


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