Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holiday Shopping

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  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention! I love giving books as gifts, but I don't think the recipients always feel the same way. Great suggestions over at the site, though, for the "picky" reader.

  2. As a bookseller for one of the big "box stores" this is great news in such dire times. The retail season is predicted to be one of the worst ever and we are hoping people continue to buy books for Christmas. Thank you, Joy, from someone who loves working in a bookstore and who would hate to see any layoffs if sales don't improve.

  3. Trish ~ There have been times when I have not given books because of the very reason you mentioned - some don't like receiving them. :( I may just give a gift card to a bookstore for those that I KNOW don't like receiving books. They could end up getting something other than a book, but hopefully it'll be some sort of reading material. One can only hope. At least the store will still get business.

    Les ~ I hope for the same thing as you - buy books for the holidays (promoting reading and learning) and save Lesley's job! :) I mean that sincerely.


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