Sunday, November 09, 2008


Author:  Dave Pelzer
Genre:  Memoir
Published:  2004
Personal Rating:  2.75/5
Yearly Count:  145

Dave goes back in time from the latest Pelzer memoir, A Man Named Dave.  He fills in some details regarding his teenage years.

This was very disappointing - not the writing, but what he shares.  Dave Pelzer and his life story has truly touched my heart.  His books have left a lasting impression on me - his tenacity is encouraging and commendable.  However, most of the memories in this book have been mentioned and/or explained in his other three books.  This did not fulfill any questions or wonderings I may have had throughout the others.  It was a repetition that did not impress me and I feel somewhat duped; hence, my rating.  My recommendation is to skip this one and end on a positive note with A Man Named Dave.


  1. I wonder why this book was written/published?

  2. That's too bad Joy. They shouldn't do that-if he had nothing new he should have left it at the last book which was good. That's disappointing.

  3. Well, that just stinks! But thanks for the heads up to the rest of us.

  4. Mary ~ I'm assuming he felt like he had more to say regarding those teenage years. I know that some of the people during that time were very important to him, so maybe he felt they needed more homage.

    Dar ~ There wasn't much new, just details of certain events - most of which were with his friends.

    Debi ~ Yeah, I was definitely disappointed. I have an understanding of maybe why, but it wasn't needed at all.


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