Monday, July 25, 2011

SHUT YOUR EYES TIGHT (and Giveaway!)

Author: John Verdon
Genre: Thriller, Dave Gurney Series #2
Published: 2011
Personal Rating: 4/5 (very good)
Format: Book
Yearly Count:  61

From the back of the ARC:

Every murderer leaves a trace.   Except what if one day that doesn't happen?

A few months past the Mellery case that pulled him out of retirement and then nearly killed him, retired NYPD detective Dave Gurney is trying once again to adjust to his country house's bucolic rhythms when he receives a call about a crime so seductively bewildering that the thought of not looking into it seems unimaginable--even if his beloved wife, Madeleine, would rather he do anything but.

The facts of what has occurred are horrible: a blushing bride, newly we'd to an eminent psychiatrist and just minutes from hearing her congratulatory toast, is found decapitated, her head apparently severed by a machete. Though police investigators believe that a Mexican gardener killed the young woman in a fit of jealous fury, the victim's mother--a chilly high-society beauty--is having none of it, and Guerney has been summoned to elicit the incredible truth.

I was so excited when Shut Your Eyes Tight came out and beyond excited to receive the ARC through TLC Book Tours. As soon as I began reading, my curiosity was piqued, and even though my interest level was high throughout, I felt like it was just too long (549 pages).

I really like Dave.  He is a thinker, and that's intriguing to me, but there were a couple of incidences that I felt were totally out of character. In other words, he just wasn't thinking, and that didn't fit. Other than that, I loved the intricate plot (puzzle) and being immersed in the police procedural aspects, as well as learning more about his wife Madeleine and his pseudo-partner Jack.

Ultimately, I liked Think of a Number (Dave Gurney Series #1) more, but this was still a very good read.  I hope the third in this series incorporates more of Dave's work teaching seminars at the State Police Academy.  I loved those scenes.  They gave great insight into the mind of a seasoned detective and psychology of bad guys.

My thanks go to the publisher and TLC Book Tours for sending me this ARC.

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  1. I have the first one to read!! It seems like yesterday that that one was published. Now, he's going on book 3???!!!! I'll never catch up. I'm with you though 549 pages is a bit too long for me.

  2. This book sounds like a super read to me and I would love to win it.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

    cenya2 at hotmail dot com

  3. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Good to know that you're looking forward to more in this series!

    Thanks for being a part of the tour.

  4. Staci ~ Despite the length, do you want to be entered into the drawing?

    Marjorie ~ Your chances are looking good! :)

  5. Heathertic ~ Most definitely! Thanks for including me in the tour.

  6. I don't mind reading a long story,
    sometimes I hate it when a book ends, because I wanted more.
    Thanks, Marjorie

  7. Anonymous12:07 PM

    I have heard so many great things about this novel. I am a HUGE suspense lover and would love to add this one to my collection!

    Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com

  8. Oh I liked Think of a Number, didn't know a 2nd book had come out (and a 3rd?) Would love to read this!

    (Here's my review of Think of a Number if you are interested;

  9. I need to get to my copy of this one. The reviews have been excellent - loved your thoughts on this one.

  10. Diane ~ I'm fairly certain you're really going to enjoy it.

  11. Anonymous12:40 AM

    I need to start this one for my Monday stop on the tour! I didn't realize it was so long.

  12. Stacybuckeye ~ Eek! It's a very good read, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get it done in time. Anyway, you might not consider it long, but for me - it's a chunkster!

  13. My husband's having a hard time getting into this one, so I guess I'll get to read it sooner than later. I still need to review the first one!!

  14. Les ~ Gurney's personality creates more of a mellow tone. Maybe that's contributing to your husband's lack of enthusiasm.


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