Monday, January 28, 2019


Author:  Louise Penny
Genre:  Mystery, Three Pines Series #3
Published:  2018
Personal Rating:  4/5 (very good)
Format/Narrator:  Audiobook/Robert Bathurst
Yearly Count: 4

From Goodreads:
When Armand Gamache receives a letter inviting him to an abandoned farmhouse outside of Three Pines, the former head of the Sûreté du Québec discovers that a complete stranger has named him as an executor of her will.

Armand never knew the elderly woman, and the bequests are so wildly unlikely that he suspects the woman must have been delusional - until a body is found, and the terms of the bizarre will suddenly seem far more menacing.

But it isn't the only menace Gamache is facing. The investigation into the events that led to his suspension has dragged on, and Armand is taking increasingly desperate measures to rectify previous actions. As he does, Armand Gamache begins to see his own blind spots - and the terrible things hiding there.

 Another successful read by Louise Penny.  Even though I haven't loved (definitely liked, though) every single addition to this series, I am always excited at a new release and know that it's going to be another nice visit with the people of Three Pines.  This one had two big storylines and both were very good.  I was fully on to one of them, but that didn't hamper my enjoyment.

Thoughts of Joy


  1. I've got to try one of her books.

    1. Just found comments that haven't been published and/or responded to. Sorry about that! Have you tried one of her books yet?

  2. Yes, I'm still all in on this series. And there will be another book coming...

    1. Still reading it? I need to read the latest (2022).

  3. I avoided reading the blurb since I am only on #5 and don't want to discover anything before it's revealed in the upcoming books. I am finally into this series and love it! I read #3 and #4 almost back-to-back and am so happy I have so many more to look forward to.

    1. How far are you into this series, Les? Enjoying it?


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