Thursday, March 31, 2022

March Reads

13.  Every Heart a Doorway (McGuire) ~ 1.5/5 (ugh), audiobook/book club

Thankfully I listened to this while doing other tasks, so I didn't spend the time reading it.  I didn't care for it at all.  3-3-22 

14.  The Shadows We Hide (Eskens) ~ 4/5 (very good), book

I enjoy Esken's writing style.  This storyline was good and at times I was very engrossed.  I always wanted to pick it up and have already pre-ordered his next book.  3-13-22

15.  Goodnight Beautiful (Molloy) ~ 3.5/5 (good), audiobook  

I'm not sure about a particular ending point, but it was good.  There wasn't anything that was spectacular or good enough for me to remember for very long, but a decent read.  3-14-22

16.  The Midnight Library (Haig) ~ 4.25/5 (very good +), book/book club 

This one is going to be a memorable read.  I wanted to read it in one sitting, but time didn't allow.  I picked it up whenever I could.  It wasn't a genre I normally would read, so I was pleasantly surprised.  It really makes you think about your own life choices.  3-21-22

    17.  Playing Nice (Delaney) ~ 4/5 (very good), audiobook

This was a very unique story.  Delaney is a new-to-me author, and I had no idea what to expect.  It was unpredictable, which I really enjoyed.  My only complaint was that a 2.5 year old doesn't talk as depicted.  Needless to say, I have already added more to my TBR shelves by this author.  So excited to read more.  3-23-22

18.  Bone Deep (Bosworth) ~ 3.5/5 (good), ebook, NetGalley

This was a true case that was beyond frustrating and drastically bumbled for Russ.  I absolutely sympathized and my heart went out to him.  However, the telling of his real-life, devastating experience left me a little bored and annoyed - mainly for its repetitious writing style.  I appreciate getting the full story, but it could have been tweaked a little bit.  3-29-22

19.  Rosemary's Baby (Levin) ~ 1/5 (don't bother), audiobook

Seriously?!?  I don't get it.  Why was/is this so popular?  The only reason I'm giving it a 1 is because it's not a DNF.  I listened to it because it's a classic - one that I never read or watched.  Now I have and don't feel any better for it.  Sadness.  I didn't like anything about it.  3-30-22

Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  4 - 8

Books:  2 - 8

eBooks:  1 - 3

New-to-Me Authors:  6 - 13

DNF:  0 - 0

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