Friday, September 30, 2022

September Reads

52.  Daisy Darker (Feeney) ~ 3.25/5 (just okay +), book

During the first half I wanted to keep reading, but then the storyline started to be repetitive.  I did guess one of the twists and some various tidbits, but that wasn't neither good or bad.  Definitely didn't care for the ending and thought it was highly unbelievable.  In general, disappointed.  9-3-22

53.  The Housemaid (McFadden) ~ 4/5 (very good), book

The first 2/3 was good, but the last 1/3 was very good.  First time reading this author.  I want to seek out more.  I discovered I like revenge stories.  9-10-22

Pieces of Her (Slaughter) ~ DNF (did not finish), book/audiobook

54.  It Ends With Us (Hoover) ~ 4/5 (very good), book

Hoover handles the sensitive topic with grace.  For the most part, the characters/dialog seems realistic.  I enjoyed the writing.  9-18-22

55.  The Prisoner (Paris) ~ 2.75/5 (eh +), ebook, NetGalley

I was very intrigued in the beginning, then I wasn't.  Nothing was gripping, even the parts that should have been (or intended to be).  Then the ending ... just a dump of explanations.  9-26-22

56.  Under the Whispering Door (Klune) ~ 2.75/5 (eh +), book

Loved the writing style and made me feel very present in the story.  However, I didn't care for all the magical stuff.  9-28-22

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