Friday, December 30, 2022

December Reads

68.  The Soulmate (Hepworth) ~ 3/5 (just okay), ebook, NetGalley

This was told by 2 characters in the past and present.  That worked for me (usually doesn't), and I liked the setting.  However, it was a little lack luster and a little slow (or it was slow, because of it lacking some oomph).  Ultimately, just an okay read.  12-3-22

69.  The Amendment (Modglin) ~ 3.25/5 (just okay +), audiobook

The first was much better than this one, but I was still interested.  Super fast listen.  12-5-22

70.  The Atonement (Modglin) ~ 3/5 (just okay), audiobook

I wanted to know how the couple ended up, so I continued with this trio.  It was enjoyable for a short and simple little series.  12-9-22

71.  The Woman in the Library (Gentill) ~ 2.5/5 (eh), audiobook, NetGalley

The title was definitely the draw for me.  Once I began, I was a little confused, then caught on to the book within a book trope.  I didn't necessarily dislike anything.  The plot wasn't what I had hoped for, and the characters were a bit dull, but I did keep listening to find out the killer - there's that.  12-18-22

72.  Never Lie (McFadden) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), audiobook

I like McFadden's writing style.  She keeps me engaged the whole way through her books.  This one was no different.  The storyline was good, but nothing special.  12-23-22

73.  They Never Learn (Fargo) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), book

I'm not sure what I was expecting (hype got me on this one), but I was hoping for something more.  It was a revenge story, which I enjoyed, but knew the twist.  It was still a good read.  12-26-22


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