Friday, May 31, 2024

May Reads

38.  The Hidden One (Castillo) ~ 3.25/5 (just okay +), Audiobook, Mystery, NetGalley

I really enjoyed the relationships, but the rest seemed very reminiscent of other books in this series.

39.  Good Morning, Monster (Gildiner) ~ 4.25/5 (very good +), Audiobook, Non-Fiction

This was very interesting.  Gildiner shares how she helped 5 individuals manage their tumultuous lives through therapy.  5-6-24

40.  Nowhere to Hide (Beevis) ~ 3.5 (good), Audiobook, Thriller

This didn't seem like a new concept, but still a compelling audio read despite some parts that were difficult to hear.  5-10-24

41.  Beartown (Backman) ~ 3/5 (just okay), Audiobook, Fiction, NetGalley

I didn't really enjoy this.  It wasn't suspenseful or intriguing.  The whole story had a gloomy cloud over it - just sorta blah.  I don't understand the hype of this series.  Just not for me, I guess.  5-15-24

42.  Look Closer (Ellis) ~ 4.25/5 (very good +), Suspense, eBook, NetGalley

I enjoyed this very much!  If there had only been one more thing included that I thought was missing, I would have rated it higher.  5-19-24

43.  Out on a Limb (Bonus-Young) ~ 3/5 (just okay), Audiobook, Romance

While the storyline was fine, I didn't care for all the spice.  I think rom-coms would be a better choice for me.  I just keep getting recs that I keep trying.  Same thing happens, imagine that!  5-24-24

44.  56 Days (Howard) ~ 3.5/5 (good), Audiobook, Thriller

If only it didn't have repetitive scenes (different pov), I would have enjoyed this more.  The covid lockdown setting was interesting to relive, because I have already forgotten some of the little nuances of that time.   5-29-24

45.  We Spread (Reid) ~ 3.75/5 (good +), eBook, Fiction, NetGalley

I didn't like how I felt at the close of this book.  It's a little discombobulating and sad.  However, it definitely was/is a very thought-provoking read.  5-31-24   

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