Friday, September 18, 2015


I'd like to introduce Nuzzle!
Nuzzle is the mascot for my recently opened Etsy Shop:

Since I learned how to crochet . . . I haven't stopped!  I LOVE it!  It truly has been a joy to make blankets for babies and adults, alike.  In my shop, I have focused on baby blankets in thick, plush, multicolored chenille yarn and a football style blanket that can be made with the same soft, cuddly yarn to match your favorite team!  Every adult and baby that has received one has declared it their favorite blanket!  Check out Pure Joy Crochet, one of my blankets may become a favorite of yours, too!  :)


  1. So, so cute, Joy! I'll definitely be over to check out your shop.

    1. Kay ~ Thanks, Kay! My daughters made me do it. :)


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