Friday, November 24, 2006

"R" Author-Based A ~ Z Reads

Ron Rash
Personal Rating: 4.5/5

First time novelist, Ron Rash, has won me over with this one; just as he won over the title of the Appalachian Book of the Year 2002. He now has a second novel that was published in April, 2006 titled THE WORLD MADE STRAIGHT. I will definitely be seeking this one out when I am through with my A ~ Z Reads.

The entire story unfolds from five different perspectives, which I absolutely loved. There was some overlap from one point of view to the next, but then the current character proceeds to deepen the storyline. Rash's technique of blending and then moving the story along made adapting to the new character a very smooth transition; the book maintained cohesiveness throughout.

One suggestion to future readers of this book: if at all possible try to read it in the least amount of sittings as possible. I read over half of it, then had to put it on hold for several days because life got in the way. Throughout those long, treacherous days, all I thought about was getting back to my book.

When you read a book based on someone's review or recommendation, you win some and lose some...this one was definitely a win!


  1. I'm so glad you liked this one!! My husband read and liked it after I did and we just passed our copy along to his sister.

    This one stuck around in my head for quite a while after I'd finished it.

  2. First your recommendation and then SuziQ's. It's definitely going on my list. Doesn't it seem like there have been some excellent books out by novice authors lately? I like when a story is told from different perspectives. Thanks, Joy.

  3. Too funny! When I added this book to my TBR list, it was already there and recommended by SuziQ.

  4. Booklogged ~ Yep, that's where the recommendation came from...Suzi! I'm reading HELL AT THE BREECH, which I'm really enjoying, that was recommended by her also. I feel like I'm riding her coattails, but hey I'll let her forge the way and weed out the bad ones! :)

    Suzi ~ THANKS! :)

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  7. This sounds like a book I can't pass up. You make it sound so enticing.

  8. I haven't done too well on reading recommendations lately.
    So from the website, it looks like this is a murder mystery?

  9. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hi Joy-

    I tried to post a comment on your Full Circle Challenge, but for some reason, I couldn't. I tried to rearragne the titles of books that I have around the house and from the library, but couldn't make things work out; the list kept getting longer and longer. So I am opting out of this challenge. Also for your A to Z challenge, can you use the author AND the title from the same book or not? Thanks! Judy

  10. I.B. ~ How did you end up on this post!?! It's a good book, though. :)

    Anyway...the Full Circle Challenge is a difficult puzzle to arrange, so I totally understand not being able to make it work out. The greatest part of the "challenge" is coming up with the list. I will remove your name from the participant's list. If you stumble across books that work out, you are certainly welcome to come back. :)

    The A ~ Z Challenge requires each author and title letter to have a different book, totaling 52 books. However, if you have reviews on your blog that you have read since January 1, those may count.


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