Monday, April 28, 2008

9th Completed Challenge!

I recently completed this challenge, well . . . sorta. It depends on how you want to look at the evidence. :) This particular challenge makes me break out in hives (okay, it's not that bad, but close), so I am counting what I did as good. I currently have a book in the wings that will legitimately qualify as a "chunkster", so I will be adding it on, but for now . . . I'm done.

Thank you Dana from So Many Books, So Little Time for hosting this challenge.

Chunkster Challenge Reads:

A Thousand Bones (Parrish)

This book is only in paperback, so it qualified for page numbers. However, if it were in hard-cover, I don't think it would have - but it isn't, so it's good.

New Moon (Meyer)

The host said, "No" to audiobooks. This was an audiobook. I'm counting it anyway, because I probably spent more time listening to it than I would have if I read it.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Selznick)

This qualifies for page numbers, but it's a graphic novel. Lots and lots of pictures. I could be wrong, but I don't remember reading "No Graphic Novels". I hope I'm not wrong.

Blankets (Thompson)

This qualifies for page numbers as well - just shy of 600 pages! The catch is that it's a graphic novel, too.

So, there ya have it. My list may not technically count for the "real challenge", but it counts for me - for now. There's still plenty of time left in the year for one of those door stoppin' books to land in my hands. YIKES!

Here is my original list of books with links to my thoughts.


The Invention of Hugo Cabret (Selznick)
Blankets (Thompson)

Least Favorite:
New Moon (Meyer)


  1. Congrats on finishing Joy! There is something about a big honkin' book that makes me nervous also. They tend to stay on the shelves for much longer than I ever intended when getting said books.

  2. Anonymous7:10 PM

    This is fantastic! Yesterday I spent writing mine down, now I need to finish adding the books. I am almost done with that part...and it looks like I need to get busy reading or I won't finish!

  3. You've completed your 9th challenge?! Wow. That's great! I've read A Thousand Bones and New Moon. I wasn't thrilled with those either.

  4. Trish ~ They just aren't for me. I will read one - every 5 years (kidding) once in a great while (maybe it is 5 years), but I really don't even like the thought of them. They are just too overwhelming. Or something.

    J. Kaye ~ I just discovered today that I wasn't getting Google Reader's updates for Amy and now I'm just thinking that I haven't seen any of your posts either! What's up with that!!! I'll be by later to see if I really missed out on posts or you just haven't been posting.

    Iliana ~ I liked A Thousand Bones, but New Moon - blah.


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