Thursday, July 16, 2020

Blurred Year (14)


Well, this was the first time I missed my Blogiversary!  (It is August 18, 2020 now, and it was on July 16.)  The year has been such a blur that it slipped right past me.  I wondered if the pandemic would affect my reading habits, but it has not.  I continue to listen to audiobooks while doing other activities and usually only read an ebook at bedtime.  Sitting on the deck (vitamin D bath) with a hardcover book has been my only real book time, which has been enjoyed (the book, not the sun - 😰).  Although, I haven't had any audiobook time on my commute, because there hasn't been a commute and that isn't planned to happen any time soon (well, it sorta has been planned, but I don't think it's going to happen).  As the year progresses, I hope our lives revert back to wondering about what book we are going to read next, instead of the constant laser focus on our health and world affairs*.  

Stay safe, everyone.

*Of course, we should always be concerned about our health and world affairs.  I think (and hope) you know what I mean.

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