Tuesday, May 31, 2022

May Reads

23.  Project Hail Mary (Weir) ~ 4.75/5 (excellent +), book/audiobook*

What an amazing, fun, delightful read!  The ending was fantastic, and I will miss the characters.  The only reason I didn't rate it a 5/5 was because of the science emphasis.  It was all explained very well and I understood it, but still ... too much for it to be perfect.  Excellent book.  5-7-22

24.  For Your Own Good (Downing) ~ 4/5 (very good), ebook, NetGalley

I really enjoyed the academic setting.  Being in everybody's head was fun and made for a fast read.  It kept my interest, and I wanted to continuing reading.  Definitely want to pick up more books by this author.  5-22-22

25.  An Anonymous Girl (Hendricks & Pekkanen) ~ 4/5 (very good), audiobook

The psychological aspect of the plot intrigued me.  Once again, I liked knowing everybody's plan of manipulation.  The outcome was satisfying.  5-25-22

26.  Know My Name (Miller) ~ 4.75/5 (excellent +), book

Wow.  I felt every emotion she expressed.  She took me along every step of the way.  This was very power and heartfelt.  The questions that she asked herself and others were so spot on - so very touching.  Writing was excellent.  5-26-22

27.  The Death of Mrs. Westaway (Ware) ~ 2/5 (ugh), audiobook

I listened to this on a road trip.  I was completely bored.  I waited and waited and waited for something to happen.  The twist finally happened . . . and it was good, but unfortunately it was too late for me.  It was a tedious listen.  Maybe the physical book would have been better.  5-30-22

Monthly - Yearly

Audiobooks:  3 - 13

Books:  1 - 10

eBooks:  1 - 4

New-to-Me Authors:  2 - 17

DNF:  0 - 0


  1. Great reading month Joy! Now I can’t wait for Project Hail Mary because science in novels is a definite selling point, lol. I’m noting some of your other reads. Happy summer, friend!

    1. This is the comment that prompted fixing my settings! Thank you for that. Thanks for not dismissing me when I didn't post or comment. I appreciate it so much. :)

      You HAVE to read Project Hail Mary! Loved, loved, loved it. Still think about it fondly. :) Let me know if you read any others on my list. I'd love to know your thoughts. Take care!

  2. My library has audio of An Anonymous Girl, and For Your Own Good, but not Project Hail Mary. I've read a Ware book before and it was at best, okay, so I won't be looking for that one. Good reading ahead!


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