Saturday, July 16, 2022


Well, I didn't realize that I totally missed my 15th year Blogiversary until a few days ago.  Oops!  No matter, I'm 16 now and feeling happy.  (Surprised that it actually has been 16 years, though!!!)

What to say ... 

I've continued to read, as always, but this year my preference has gone back to reading more physical books.  I'm still reading via an iPad (ebooks) and iPod/iPhone (audiobooks), but have thoroughly enjoyed the simple, handheld version the best.

Over the last few months, I have culled my bookshelves to make room for so many new books.  It has been so much fun - out with the old, in with the new!  My taste in genres hasn't changed too much (still a mystery/thriller reader), but I have now included a very little sci-fi/fantasy.  Both of those have to be rooted in modern times or grounded in something close to reality.  Reading sci-fi or fantasy that have new world systems is still not for me.  I don't rule it out, but for now, I'm good without it.  :)  My shelves are overflowing again, which is delightful to peruse.  My TBR shelves are very enticing and my Favorites shelves hold wonderful memories. 

I started this current calendar year out strong and hope to keep it up.  I had to change my Goodreads goal, already, due to surpassing the previous one I set for myself.  :)

May your reading bring you much enjoyment, as it has me.  

Thoughts of Joy


  1. A little (lot!) late, but Happy Blogiversary! I love your reviews.

    1. Hi Bybee! Thank you! 16 years! Where does the time go? Hope you are doing well and enjoying your books!


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