Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best Reads of 2009

Graphic Novel

YA Non-Fiction

YA Fiction

Short Story Collection

YA Science Fiction

Realistic Fiction

Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction

Historical Mystery

Historical True Crime

Non-Fiction (beauty)


YA Non-Fiction Graphic Novel




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  1. Great list! I loved The Help and Still Alice and also liked How Not to Look Old.

  2. I only read one of those, but have several others in my TBR pile.

  3. Anonymous2:45 AM

    I agree with you completely about Still Alice. A very good, important book. I have several of these in my stacks. Maybe this year.

    Sorry your reading time is limited, but I certainly understand. Glad you can still listen to some on your commute.

  4. Diane ~ There were a lot of 2009 books that really were fabulous, weren't there?

    Bermudaonion ~ Only one!?! I'm surprised. I hope you get to some of the others this year. They are all worthy reads in my opinion. :)

    Kay ~ Still Alice made a huge impact on me. She really touched my heart.

    Oh yes! Thank goodness for audiobooks or I would be one sad reader. Things are settling down a little - I actually had some time this weekend to read and catch up a little on blogging. I'm hoping that'll become the new trend.

  5. Thanks for sharing your best reads. I still haven't done my 2009 list or stats because I'm behind on keeping track.

    I added Still Alice to my TBR List.

  6. I've missed your posts and hope that all is going well with your full time work! Is blogger acting funky? Google reader shows this post dated January 23, your blog shows it as January 1st. 143 books read is amazing, congrats!

    I have Still Alice on my TBR shelf and really need to read it this year! I'm currently reading Hunger Games and liking it. I loved The Help, it was one of my favorites in 2009. I read Shanghai Girls and liked it but Snow Flower and the Secret fan is my favorite by Lisa See. I couldn't read The Blue Notebook and passed it along in a giveaway on my blog.

  7. Awesome list. I've read some and have others on my TBR.

  8. Wow. I don't think I've read a single title on that list. There are some intriguing titles that I may have to look out for, though.

  9. Today is a "Snow Day" so I'm catching up! Hooray!

    Callista ~ I hope you get a chance to read Still Alice. Great book.

    Bonnie ~ I've missed posting them!!! No, Google Reader is not acting funky. It's me. :) I post the date that I finish the book, even if it's well after by the time I get to it.

    I understand your feelings on all the books mentioned. I hope we both have lots and lots of "best reads" this year!

    Beth F. ~ So many books, so little time. Hopefully the ones we choose are winners!

    Rabid Fox ~ If you like history at all - Manhunt was excellent.


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